The Bullet Journal

September 25, 2017

A planner, journal, sketchbook, tracker, task list, and much more... all in one book!

If you've never heard of a bullet journal, you're missing out! For those obsessed with organization (or if you strive to be more organized), a bullet journal could be your new best friend!

Have you ever searched through dozens of planners and couldn't find one that was just right? Solution: bullet journal.

Carry around several different notes of lists, tasks, reminders, etc.? Solution: bullet journal.

Need an outlet for your creative juices? Solution: bullet journal.

... you get the point.

My Journal

I primarily use my journal as a planner, tracker, and journal. My ideal planner layout consists of a three layouts.

  1. A spread at the beginning of the month with a title page, calendar, and future date log.
  2. A Sunday spread for sermon notes, thoughts, prayers and praises, key verses, weekly Bible reading, and Sunday schedule.
  3. A spread for the rest of the week with a variety of sections: notes, general tasks, water tracker, exercise tracker, chore chart, daily schedules, and a schedule for the following week.

I also track my mood, record my dreams, keep up with birthdays and anniversaries, and countdown to the premieres of my favorite shows. It is home to random drawings, song lyrics, Bible verses, and whatever else I feel like putting down on paper. As you can probably see, every one of my pages has an error or mistake - and that's okay! Also note that I removed entries on some pages for privacy, but I wanted to be able to show you how I prefer to lay out my pages.

Relationship Goals

I have found that recording in my bullet journal has been a great way to reflect on my relationship with God. I enjoy writing down prayers, praises, and thoughts about verses or sermons. Sometimes it can be hard to realize where God is working in your life until you go back and recall prayers that you didn't even know were answered! Focusing your thoughts and feelings on paper can help you meditate on His Word and deepen your relationship.

If you think a bullet journal may be for you, give it a go! There's no right or wrong way to bullet journal - just make it your own, make it work for you, and have fun!

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