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September 3, 2017

Images Get More Attention Than Text

Business marketing schemes are relying more and more on visual content to grab people's attention.  The fact is, people skim, so it is important to utilize visual content in order to convey your message as quickly and efficiently as possible before your potential customers scroll by.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest rely almost solely on imagery to connect and engage people. Facebook reach is becoming more and more dependent on photos and videos than text content alone.

Research has shown that original visuals receive more attention than stock photos, so investing in a photographer or good camera to capture your business's products, services, and employees is important for your marketing strategy.

Creating visually interesting images for blog posts, social media posts, and lengthy web content are important for increased engagement. Play around with different types of visuals, like photographs, infographics, videos, and featured graphics.

To learn more ways your small business can incorporate visuals into your marketing strategy, visit the SCORE website.

visual content infographic
Example Infographic


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