Cornerstone Equine Veterinary Services

September 11, 2017

Rebranded in 2017

Cornerstone Equine Veterinary Services is an equine veterinary practice that needed a website for their new business. The website needed to be functional and mobile responsive so potential clients can find information on-the-go. CEVS also wanted a blog to publish educational articles for site visitors.

Rebranded Designs provided CEVS with a responsive website with an interactive blog that allows site visitors to comment on the posts. The color palette compliments the CEVS logo and the rustic feel of the site.







Multi-Page Layout

This is a larger website with lots of content that is separated into multiple pages. This creates a definitive separation between types of content, and can be easier for visitors to understand and navigate.


Stationary Menu

The sidebar menu remains visible on every page, making navigation between pages quick and easy.


CEVS utilizes the blog function to post educational articles for potential and current clients who have questions about their horses' health.

Search Bar

A search bar is prominent on the sidebar to easily search through the growing amounts of content.

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