CrossFit Blue Blood

February 1, 2018

Rebranded in 2018

CrossFit Blue Blood is a CrossFit affiliate that was looking to revamp their website. The site needed to be easy to navigate and have an inviting feel for potential new members. It was important for the site to emphasize the community bond that makes CFBB unique.

Rebranded Designs created a functional website with big and bold sections that highlight the key elements of the site, right on the front page. The site is responsive across multiple devices, making it easy for site visitors to navigate the site anytime and anywhere.








Multi-Page Layout

This is a medium website with content that is separated into multiple pages. This creates a definitive separation between types of content, and can be easier for visitors to understand and navigate.


Floating Menu

The navigation menu remains visible at the top of every page, making navigation between pages quick and easy, even when you've scrolled down a page.

Quick Navigation

Commonly visited links are highlighted in large blue boxes just beneath the slider for quick and easy access.

Full Slider

A full page slider greets site visitors with eye-catching animation, and even includes call-to-action buttons.

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