Equine Veterinary Associates

September 22, 2017

Rebranded in 2014

Equine Veterinary Associates of Olive Branch previously had a website hosted through a company that specialized in veterinary websites. The website was functional, but the benefits were not outweighing the costs. Rebranded Designs was able to rebuild a personalized website tailored to the needs of an equine practice.

The website has seen several revisions and layout changes over the last few years. The current layout is a single-page website with a blog for articles. This type of website is great for displaying essential information in one, easy-to-navigate page. The blog makes it simple to publish articles to keep clients interested in revisiting the website. The layout is responsive and mobile-friendly, making it functional across all devices.





Single-Page Layout

The navigation menu links send you to different sections on the same page, allowing visitors to see the entire website at a glance without ever leaving the landing page.


Parallax Scrolling

Parallax background images add depth and visual interest to a website. You can see the parallax effect when scrolling over the "Our Clinic" and "Client Info" sections of the website.



A responsive layout adapts to the size of the device screen the visitor is using the view the website. For this site, the menu collapses on mobile devices, and content that is positioned horizontally will "stack" vertically on smaller screens.

Article Blog

The blog is a great way of keeping the website fresh with new content that can be easily published using our preferred content management system.

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