Jen Guthrie Fitness

January 26, 2019

Rebranded in 2019

Jen Guthrie was looking to redesign her Squarespace website and contacted Rebranded Designs after a recommendation on Facebook. I was happy to set her up with a new template install and updated color palette.

The new template features parallax scrolling and a clean, uncluttered layout. Key features remained on the site, such as Jen's blog, her Instagram feed, and the subscription sign-up for her email newsletters.

Sometimes all it takes is a new template and an updated color scheme to freshen up your website!








A responsive layout adapts to the size of the device screen the visitor is using the view the website. For this site, a tribar menu button display mobile devices, and the content is compacted for smaller screens.


A blog is a great way to highlight content. Jen uses her blog to post healthy recipes, workout tips, and general life hacks!

Multi-Page Layout

This is a medium website with content that is separated into multiple pages. This creates a definitive separation between types of content, and can be easier for visitors to understand and navigate.


The Contact page has a built-in contact form that makes it quick and easy for site visitors to email Jen. The site footer features a signup form to subscribe to Jen's email newsletters.

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