Mid-South Quarter Horse Association

February 3, 2018

Rebranded in 2018

The Mid-South Quarter Horse Association was needing a new website with more functionality and updated design. Their primary needs were to inform members about upcoming events and provide show documents.

The website is clean and simple, highlighting only the most important information, like upcoming horse shows. Association sponsors are displayed in a pop-out window for optimum visibility and reach. The Facebook event page is integrated into the website to encourage social interaction and provide another source of event information. A contact form makes reaching out to the association incredibly simple. Of course, the website is fully responsive and mobile friendly!








Multi-Page Layout

This is a medium website with content that is separated into multiple pages. This creates a definitive separation between types of content, and can be easier for visitors to understand and navigate.


Contact Form

A contact form is a simple and effective way of getting messages from site visitors, because they don't have to leave your site to reach you! Enabling reCAPTCHA prevents spam emails from clogging your inbox.



Finding the information you need is simple with a search option displayed right above the navigation menu.


A responsive layout adapts to the size of the device screen the visitor is using the view the website. For this site, a tribar menu button display mobile devices, and the content is compacted for smaller screens.

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