Taisley Weston Photography

August 7, 2017

Rebranded in 2015

Taisley Weston Photography managed their own website for several years. The website contained numerous project portfolios and blog posts, causing the website to load very slowly. As more posts were added, the large amount of content started to become disorganized. Taisley Weston Photography also wanted to update their website's theme to something more photography-friendly.

Rebranded Designs was able to assist Taisley Weston Photography with changing their website theme and implementing some custom CSS to improve functionality. I also helped organize the blog posts and project portfolios into categories, making them easier to filter and navigate through. Adding performance-enhancing plugins also helped decrease the site's load time for visitors. Taisley Weston Photography is now able to more easily manage the website on their own.





Single-Page Layout

The navigation menu links send you to different sections on the same page, allowing visitors to see the entire website at a glance without ever leaving the landing page.

Article Blog

Taisley Weston Photography uses the blog to express creative thoughts, share travel memories and experiences, and provide tips and advice for clients before their shoots!

Contact Us

A built-in contact form is a convenient way for site visitors to contact you without having to search for your email address or open their preferred email system.


The "My Work" section is a great example of a gallery portfolio that has categories, allowing site visitors to filter and sort the albums by type.

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