Tennessee Valley Paso Fino Horse Association

December 1, 2017


Rebranded in 2010

TVPFHA needed a website rebuild to improve functionality and give an outdated design new life. Their primary needs were to inform members about upcoming events, association news, and provide show documents.

The website has undergone multiple revisions over the last 7 years. The current layout boasts parallax sections on the landing page to highlight the most essential information for site visitors and association members. Association news and events are categorized in the blog, making it easy to separate post types and sort posts by date, keeping the most recent information at the top of the page. The Facebook page is integrated into the website to encourage social interaction. The Paso Fino breed is highlighted with descriptions of the history, breed standards, and show classes. A contact form makes reaching out to the association incredibly simple. To top it off, the website is fully responsive and mobile ready!



Parallax Scrolling

Parallax background images add depth and visual interest to a website. You can see the parallax effect with color overlays on the landing page throughout all sections.


A responsive layout adapts to the size of the device screen the visitor is using the view the website. For this site, the menu collapses on mobile devices, and the content is compacted for smaller screens.

Categorized Blog

Using categories in a blog makes it easy to separate content by type and sort posts by date to keep the most recent information at the top of the page.


Contact Form

A contact form is a simple and effective way of getting messages from site visitors, because they don't have to leave your site to reach you! Enabling reCAPTCHA prevents spam emails from clogging your inbox.


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