The Importance of Updates

April 21, 2018

WordPress: Powering the Internet

Websites powered by WordPress are growing in popularity. In fact, nearly a third of the internet is powered by WordPress. Among similar content management systems, WordPress is preferred by almost 50% of CMS users. You can read more fun WordPress facts here. The growing popularity can be attributed to its ease of use, wide variety of themes and plugins, and the ability to alter and customize these themes, plugins, and other code through the General Public License that WordPress utilizes.

One not-so-fun-fact, however, is only 40% of WordPress managed sites are up to date. This in combination with WordPress's popularity creates a perfect storm of vulnerabilities that hackers love. So what can you do to protect your site?


Update, update, update.

You can choose to manually update your core WordPress version, themes, and plugins, or you can setup your site to update automatically. There are pros and cons to consider with manual versus automatic updates. Setting up automatic updates could put your site at risk for "breaking" if one of the updates is corrupt. The potential of this risk decreases with manual updates as you can control updating one item at a time and will know immediately if a problem arises. However, automatic updates will save you from having to remember to update your site, and will also save you time. Choosing to perform manual updates can be a great way to take a look at your themes and plugins and decide if any are no longer needed, as abandoned or unused themes and plugins are at a greater security risk. Whichever method of updating you choose, it is always wise to have backups enabled on your website to give you a restore point in the event that a failed update crashes your site.

Monthly Maintenance

Not sure you're ready to manage the updates your site needs? Rebranded Designs offers Monthly Maintenance plans, so you can rest easy knowing your website is current and functioning at its best.

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